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As a broker specialising in liability insurance we can supply you with extremely competitive online quote from many different insurance companies to make sure the premium you pay is low and the cover you receive meets and even surpasses your requirements. Whether you work in a manual trade such as a bricklayer or a professional trade such as a translator we can provide a low cost insurance policy for you.

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Construction workers with public liability insurance

Liability Insurance

The purpose of liability insurance is to cover you during the course of your job against liability claims made by third parties (the public). An example of such a case would be if you were a bricklayer who left a trowell on the floor which the customer tripped over and injured their heads, obviously such a claim could result in huge legal costs or at best compensation fees.

Do I need public liability insurance?

In the UK it is not legally compulsory to have any public liability insurance, however it is highly recommended because just like the example above it is so easy for an incident to happen and with the increase of 'no win no fee' legal companies the chances of a member of the public taking action against you is obviously increased.

Do I need employers liability insurance?

If you employee anyone at all and work within the UK then it is legally required that you have a minimum of £5,000,000 of employers liability. You can get a quote for this at the same time as covering your public liability and the purpose of this type of insurance is to provide cover against any claims your employee makes against you for an injury they recieve whilst working under your direction, for example if you told them to work up a ladder and they then fell and injured themselves because the ladder wasn't securely fixed.

Employers liability
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