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Landlords Insurance UK

Unlike many other brokers, we specialise in landlords insurance in the UK. This is why we are able to offer such competitive online quotes for landlords building insurance in the UK and landlords contents insurance in the UK.

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  • Pay for your buy to let insurance uk by a monthly direct debit
  • Well known landlord insurers for peace of mind

Buy to let insurance UK

There are many perils you will want to insure yourself for with your buy to let properties. For instance you will want to insure your properties for risks such as fire, lightening, flood and such like. Considering you can get quotes for cheap buy to let insurance for the UK online, it doesn't make sense to leave your properties uninsured. We specialise in buy to let insurance in the UK which is why we can offer competitive quotes online from several insurers to save you the time and effort it takes looking around with different insurers for cheap buy to let insurance.

Landlord building insurance UK

If you are a property owner looking for cheap landlord building insurance in the UK then you have come to the right website. We offer instant online quotations from a wide range of insurers to offer you the most appropriate cover to meet your requirements. We deal with well known insurers for your peace of mind. Within a few minutes you could have a premium calculated and your landlord building insured.

Landlord contents insurance UK

If you let your property then you will obviously have concerns over the contents you leave in the property while someone else is living there. We specialise in contents insurance and can provide contents only landlord insurance, minimum cover starting at £5,000 contents. We understand that many landlords only want to insure a small amount of contents such as curtains, carpets and white goods which is why we have specialised in this area and have some of the lowest cost landlord contents insurance policies in the UK.

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