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Landlord Insurance Claims

We concentrate on landlord insurance and we are happy to offer some free advice with regards to buy to let insurance claims. If you have landlord buildings insurance then you would usually be insured for perils such as fire, lightening, earthquake, escape of water and such like. If you have landlord contents insurance then you would usually be insured for perils such as fire, theft, malicious damage and such like. Some insurers allow you to add optional extra cover such as accidental damage for your building and contents.

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What perils will Landlord Insurance cover

Every landlord insurance policy will offer slightly different cover. Most landlords building insurance policies will provide cover for fire, flood, earthquake, escape of water, weight of snow and many more perils while landlords contents insurance would usually provide cover for theft, fire, escape of water, malicious damage and such like. It is important to read through the keyfacts for your insurance along with your landlords insurance policy documents to make sure that the policy meet your requirements. Most insurance brokers will provide you with a demand and needs statement which will outline why they have recommended a specific insurer for you and urge you to contact them should the cover not meet your requirements.

Landlord insurance Claims process

Most landlord insurance claims can now be processed over the telephone direct with the insurers which cuts down on time consuming paper work, transit of documents and such like meaning your landlords insurance claim can be processed faster. Some insurers will require you to fill out a claim form and send it back with two or more comparative estimates. The insurer will then determine which estimate would be the best and if the claim is an insured peril then they would usually give authorisation for you to proceed with the best estimate.

Landlord building insurance claims

Your buy to let building insurance policy would usually provide cover for your building against such risks as fire and flood which are becoming all to common. Most mortgage providers will insist that you insure your landlord building before they will release any funds because they have an interest in the safe keeping of the property. Failure to have landlord building insurance in place could obviously result in partial or complete loss should there be an earthquake or similar.

Landlord contents insurance claims

The thing to remember with buy to let contents insurance is that the policy will usually only provide cover for contents within the property which are for use by the tenant and not any of your own contents that you are simply storing in the property. Most landlord contents insurance policies also exclude cover for valuables such as watches, items of gold and such like. The usual items that would be covered under a landlords contents insurance policy are things such as carpets, curtains and furniture which would usually be insured against perils such as fire, theft and escape of water among other perils.

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