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Landlord insurance

We specialise in landlords insurance for all types of properties and occupants. If you need an instant online quotation for cheap landlord insurance then you have come to the right website.

  • Instant online landlord insurance quotes
  • Pay online with a credit/debit card for instant landlord cover
  • Pay for your landlords insurance monthly via direct debit
  • Competitive rates meaning cheap landlord insurance
  • Well known insurers for landlord peace of mind
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Buy to let insurance

We understand that as a landlord who buys properties to let you do not have time to waste online searching for the cheapest landlord insurance. This is why we provide instant online quotations for your landlord insurance needs from multiple insurers to provide you with competitive quotation. We offer landlord insurance for houses, flats, cottages and in some instances may be able to provide cover for non-standard construction buildings. We can provide landlord insurance for students and asylum seekers. We can also provide landlords insurance for DSS and professional persons. Our system checks for the best quotation for buy to let insurance from IGI, Fortis, Beazley, Amlin and MMA Insurance.

Landlord Contents Insurance

Due to our success with landlords insurance we are able to offer custom quotations which provide purely landlord contents insurance. We understand that as a landlord you may like to have your buildings and contents insured seperately or share the cost of insuring the building with a third party. This is why we have access to a landlord contents scheme and can pass the savings onto you.

Landlord Building Insurance

We specialise in landlord building insurance meaning we can give instant online quotations for a wide range of landlord risks. We understand the frustration of obtaining a landlord building insurance policy which is why we have access to a scheme with a range of insurers who offer purely buildings only landlord insurance. Our online quotation system means that you can obtain a cheap quotation for insuring your building without having to spend hour looking online or on the telephone to landlord building insurers.

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Specialist Buy to let insurance

We are well aware that there are advantages and disadvantages to letting your property to different tenant types, this is why we specialise in buy to let insurance for asylum seekerss and buy to let insurance for students. Because we specialise in this market we are able to provide very competitive quotations from various landlord insurance providers.

Do I need landlord insurance?

There are many perils which a policy could provide cover against; for example fire, theft, earthquake, subsidence and such like which could all obviously result in thousands of pounds worth of costs. When you consider the low cost of an insurance premium against the potential costs should the unexpected occur then it simply doesn't make sense to leave such a huge investment (your let property) uninsured.

What should I look for when arranging my insurance?

Landlord building insurance - It is important to remember that you need to insure the building for the rebuild value and not the sale price which is very often much higher, afterall the insurer will only pay out a maximum amount of what the building costs to rebuild to put you back into the same financial position you were in before the incident occured.

Landlord contents insurance - You need to be aware that generally the only contents that will be covered are those owned by the landlord which are in the property for use by the tenant such as curtains, carpets and white goods. Generally the tenants contents will not be covered under any circumstances under your policy nor would any contents in the property which were simply there for storage reasons.

Property owners liability - As a responsible landlord you will want to make sure your policy include property owners liability to protect yourself against liability claims made the tenant, for example if the tenant was to fall down the stairs within your property and hold you liable for the injury they incur.

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